UPDATE 23.03

Dear friends of paleopedology!

Unfortunately, all over the world situation with the COVID-19 outbreak remains rather tough and uncertain, which does not look promising about face-to-face scientific events this year. In these circumstances, neither visa support nor safe travel and stay in Russia can be provided by organizers of IUSS Paleopedology Commission and INQUA Paleopedology Working Group regular event XIVth International symposium and field workshop on paleopedology. It was shifted to 2021, and now we are forced to shift it again to August 2022 (hopefully it will be possible that time). We are deeply sorry about it! We are sure that sooner or later we will get back to a normal style of life where face-to-face meetings, and particularly so important for all of us field workshops will be possible again.

Dear friends!

The key event of Commission 1.6: XIVth International symposium and field workshop on paleopedology (ISFWP-XIVs) – Paleosols, pedosediments and landscape morphology as archives of environmental changes has been shifted to 8-18, August, 2021

Dear friends!
The situation with COVID outbreak all over the world is still harsh and hardly predictable. It is forced us very unfortunately to cancel paleopedology school and XIV-ISFWP-2020. The Organizing Committee informs you that all these events are postponed to August 2021. Exact dates of paleopedology school and XIV-ISFWP-2021 will be announced in October.
Now the Organizing Committee calculates financial losses related to the conference facilities booking etc.  We will inform you about the refundment of fees in the nearest time.We hope that we can welcome all of you in Altai next year.
Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards, Maria Bronnikova

On behalf of the VII-SFWP Organizing Committee, leaders of IUSS Commission 1.6, leaders of INQUQA TERPRO Working Group on Paleopedology.

XIVth International symposium and field workshop on paleopedology (ISFWP-XIV) 

Paleosols, pedosediments and landscape morphology as archives of environmental changes

Russia, Altai, 13-23 August 2020



Dr. Olga Solomina, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow, Russia Dr., Prof. Alexandr Puzanov, Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS, Barnaul, Russia


Maria Bronnikova, Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow, Russia; IUSS, Сommission 1.6 Paleopedology, INQUA TERPRO IWG Paleopedology leader 

Elizabeth Solleiro Rebolledo (National Autonomous University of Mexico(UNAM), Mexico; IUSS, Commission 1.6 Paleopedology, INQUA TERPRO advisory board member, INQUA TERPRO IWG Paleopedology co-leader

Daniela Sauer Institute of Geography, University of Göttingen, INQUA TERPRO IFG HYPEDAE co-leader

Members of organizing and program committee:

Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow, Russia:

Elya Zazovskaya, Andrey Panin, Natalia Zaretskaya, Alexandra Gol’yeva, Andrey Dolgikh, Sophia Turchinskaya, Tatyana Belyaeva, Dmitriy Petrov

Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS, Barnaul, Russia:

Olga Elchininova, Dmitriy Bezmaternykh, Dmitriy Troshkin, Tamara Rozhdestvenskaya, Sergey Balykin, Ivan Gorbachev, Viktor Kalashnikov

Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia:

Anna Agatova, Roman Nepop, Valentina Zykina, Vladimir Zykin, Anna Vol’vakh

Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute, Moscow, Russia:

Marina Lebedeva, Irina Kovda

Institute of Soil Science SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia:

Maria Dergacheva, Evgeniya Gurkova

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico

Sergey Sedov

Bern University, Switzerland, IUSS, Commission 1.6 Paleopedology

Tobias Sprafke

Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia:

Alexander Makeev, Galina Samoilova


Julia Konoplianikova, Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow, Russia

Julia Karpova, Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow, Russia

Yana Kuznyak, Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS, Barnaul, Russia


XIV International Symposium and Filed Workshop on Paleopedology is a regular event organized by IUSS Commission 1.6. Paleopedology, Commission on Paleopedology and Sub-commission onMicromorphology of DSSS, Russia.

This event usually also is framed within running paleosol activities of INQUA TERPRO (Commission Terrestrial Processes, Deposits & History) Commission. Thus, XIV ISFWP-2020 will be co-organized by International Working Group on Paleopedology, International Focus Group HYPEDAE: PalaeoHYdrological, -PEDological and -AEolian processes shaping Quaternary landscapes)[1]

The Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Science is the leading organization hosting XIV ISFWP in Russia.

The official language of the symposium, early career researcher school and field workshop is English.

The early career researcher school on paleopedology (August 14th), the symposium (August 15th 16th), and one-day field excursion (August 17th) will be held on the basis of the tourist resort “Taininskaya Sloboda” ( located 55 kilometers from Gorno-Altaysk, in the picturesque corner of the lowland Altai, on the shore of Lake Kireevo.

Before the beginning of the academic sessions of the symposium on the August 14th, we invite early career researchers to take part in the lecture school on paleopedology. The one-day school, organized within the XIV ISFWP, continues the tradition of international schools on paleopedology for young scholars, held in Altai for the previous 10 years by Prof. M.I. Dergacheva.  

Leading specialists in the field of paleopedology will read a series of lectures on theoretical and methodological problems of paleopedology, research approaches, methodology and technics applied in paleosol studies, and in studies of other paleoenvironmental archives. Among the guest speakers: prof. Joseph Mason (University of WisconsinMadison, USA), Dr. Alexander Makeev (Soil Science Faculty, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia), prof. Maria Dergacheva

(Institute of Soil Science SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia),  prof. Sergey Sedov (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico), prof. Cezary Kabala (Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland), prof. Daniela Sauer (University of

Göttingen, Germany), prof. Elizabeth Solleiro Rebolledo (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico), Dr. Elya Zazovskaya (Institute of Geography, RAS, Moscow, Russia), Dr.

Marina Lebedeva (Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute, Moscow, Russia).

[1] if supported by INQUA in March 2020

Tourist resort «Taininskaya Sloboda »

Scientific coverage of academic sessions and field workshop: soil, geomorphic, sedimentary archives/ records/ memory of environmental change; specificity of different types of paleoenvironmental archives and their correlation.

Preliminary list of sections (main topics) for the scientific symposium (according to the applications received from participants, changes are possible): 

  1. Loess-, alluvilal-, colluvial-, tephra-paleosol sequences: case studies, specific features for different types of paleoenvironmental records, correlation between different types of soilsedimentary records, and with other paleoenvironmental archives.  
  2. Paleosols and pedosediments of human habitats. 
  3. Surface paleosols and relic features in contemporary surface soils. 
  4. Pre-Quarternary paleosols: paleoenvironment and diagenesis.

After the early career researcher school, symposium and one-day tour on August 17, which are held on the basis of the “Taininskisya Sloboda” tourist resort, from the 18th to the 23rd of August, the field workshop will take place. The route of the workshop will cross the Russian part of the Altai from north-west to south-east, up to the border with Mongolia (the total length of the route “Taininskaya Sloboda” – Kosh-Agach – the valley of the Boguty River – Gorno-Altaisk – is about 1400). In addition to Pleistocene and Holocene soil sedimentary sequences and paleogeography of the region with different topography elements, the participants of the field workshop will see the whole variety of picturesque and diverse landscapes of the Altai: from foothill and mountain steppes and mountain taiga to deserted steppes and mountain tundra.

ATTENTION: The number of participants of the XIV ISFWP is limited by logistical difficulties. Please strictly observe the registration deadlines indicated in the letter.

General Schedule

  • August 13th 

Check-in and registration of the early career researcher school participants

  • August 14th 

early career researcher school on paleopedology

Check-in and registration of participants of the symposium and field workshop

  • August 15th 

Opening the symposium, academic session, and icebreaking party

  • August 16th 

Academic sessions 

One-day tour within the framework of the symposium

Middle-Late Pleistocene loess-paleosol series: soils complexes from Shadrikha interglacial (MIS11) to Kargin interstadial (MIS-3) in the quarry near Krasnogorskoye village, low-mountainous North-Eastern Altai, visit to the National Museum of the Republic of Altai.

Introductory lecture for the field workshop (August, 18-23) participants

Brief physical and geographical overview (climate, geology, geomorphology, vegetation and soil cover), Quaternary history of the region. 

August 18th – August 23rd the field workshop on the route:

“Taininskaya Sloboda – v. Aktash –  v. Kosh-Agach –  valley of the river Boguty –  Gorno-Altaisk

Route of the field workshop

  • August 18th 

8.00-21.00 Transfer from “Taininskaya Sloboda” tourist center to Aktash village (393 km). On the way it is planned: excursion in the Gorno-Altaisk Botanical Garden “Clean Meadow” (branch of the Central Siberian Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences), stops for observation of contemporary soils, sedimentary sequences and geomorphic features related to the Pleistocene and Holocene history of landscapes; sightseeing, and short photo-stops with pictures views. Overnight stay in Aktash village.

  • August 19th  

Holocene soil-sedimentary sequences in the valley of the Chuya river in the high-mountainous south-eastern Altai (between Aktash and Kosh-Agach villages) (sections in “Baratal”, “Sukhoy” and “Kuektanar” locations). Ice-dammed lakes paleo-shorelines, sediments of outburst floods, giant gravel dunes (giant current “ripples”) in the Kurai and Chuya basin, and Sukor multievent paleoseismic landslide in the Chuya valley. Sliding Neogene sediments on the Kurai Ridge. Paleolithic site Bigdon, archeological monuments (mounds, balballs and steles, iron-smelting furnaces) connected with various nomadic cultures. 

Overnight stay in Kosh-Agach village.  

  • August 20th  

Chuya intermountain depression: surface polygenetic profiles  with records of Holocene environmental history: Skeletic Kastanozem Cambic and Skeletic Cambic Calcisol Yermic; redeposited Neogene strata with signs of Pleistocene and Holocene palaeopedogenesis; the largest landslide triggered by the 2003 Chuya earthquake in the Taldura valley, Pleistocene moraines of Chagan-Uzun glacier, Chagan reference section of Neogene – Eopleistocene lacustrine and alluvial, Pleistocene glacial and glacio-lacustrine deposits.

 Overnight stay in Kosh-Agach village.

  • August 21st  

Landforms and sediments associated with the Holocene debris flow activity.

Valley of the Boguty river: high-mountain tundra-steppe landscapes, Late Pleistocene-Holocene soil-sedimentary sequence in the small lateral tributary valley, Cryic Histosol of a peat bog on the lake shore. 

Gala dinner and overnight stay in Kosh-Agach village.

  • August 22nd  

Returning from Kosh-Agach village to Gorno-Altaisk, overnight stay in Gorno-Altaisk in Igman Hotel 

  • August 23rd  

Transfer to the Gorno-Altaisk airport. 


The registration procedure is also required for participants who have been pre-registered

For registration, please, click REGISTRATION button on the top of this page.

Please consider that the number of participants is restricted, so that participants will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Only after the payment of the fee, your place is guaranteed.

Registration will be closed once the maximum number of participants is reached.  

PARTICIPATION FEE  Participation in XIV ISFWP, August 14-23 

The full set fee for participation in ISWP-XIV 14-23, August is 950 €. It includes accommodation and three meals a day at the Taininskaya Sloboda tourist center from the 14th to 18th of August; an electronic version of conference materials and of a field guide, a printed version of the field seminar guide and final program; ice-breaking party on the 15th  August and a gala dinner on the 21st of August, an excursion to the National Museum of the Republic of Altai named after Anokhin; transport, accommodation and meals during the field seminar on August 18-22; excursion to the Gorno-Altaisk Botanical Garden “Clean Meadow”; transfer from the airport of Gorno-Altaisk to the tourist resort “Taininskaya Sloboda” on the August 14th (August 13th for speakers and participants of the paleo-school) and from the hotel “Igman” in Gorno-Altaisk to the airport of

Gorno-Altaisk on the August 23rd

Participation in the early career researcher school on paleopedology, August 14th Early career researcher school on paleopedology is held for students, postgraduates and young scientists. The fee for participation in the school is 50 €. The fee includes attending lectures, accommodation and three meals a day at the “Taininskaya Sloboda” tourist resort on the 13th and 14th of August, coffee breaks on the 14th of August.


For payment, please, click PAYMENT button on the top of this page.  

Payment should be made before March 1st, 2020.  


Participants are strongly advised to check in advance visa requirements in their nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate. 

 The visa costs have to be covered by a participant. Organizers will send an official invitation upon your request. Those who need visa support should feel in following form and send it to, and a copy to




Father’s name

Date of birth   Date_____________Month_______________Year________________

Sex –                                             Male_______      Female__________


Country of  birth_______________________      Place of birth (city)________________

The country where you live permanently___________________________________

State/Province/County of permanent living__________________________________

The place where you’ve got visa, where there is the Russian Consulate  

                                   Country____________ City_______________

Arrival date____________ departure date____________

Full name of institution

Position/Title _____________________

Complete working address:


Postal code_______________



Building/house number _______________

Phone number___________________ fax number ___________________e-mail:____________

Address of permanent  living ( Complete address, telephone number)

Passport details: number___________

Data of issue_____________   valid till_______________________

Address where to send the original invitation.

Cites of location

Address of accommodation

Please attached copy of your passport, i.e. the first page of you passport with your photo, passport number and other details to: by e-mail:

Please check whether your passport is valid for not less than 6 month until the last date of you departure from Russia.

If passport is valid less than 6 months you need to issue a new passport/


The participants and speakers of the young career researcher school should arrive at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk in the morning of August 13th, the participants of the symposium and the field workshop should arrive in the morning of the August 14th. Gorno-Altaisk airport is connected by regular flights with Moscow. 

The school on paleopedology on the August 14th, the symposium on the August 15th, 16th and the one-day excursion on the August 17th are held on the basis of the tourist resort “Taininskaya Sloboda”. Lectures of the paleo-school will start on the August 14th at 9.00, and the symposium will open on August 15th at 9.00.

“Taininskaya Sloboda” resort is located 55 km away from Gorno-Altaisk. A transfer from GornoAltaisk airport to the tourist resort will be organized for the participants of the paleo school on the August 13th, and on the August 14th for all other participants. The transfer will be connected to the arrival of S7 airlines flight (9.10, local time) from Moscow. No transfer is available on other days.

On the way back, on the August 23rd, there will be a transfer from the Igman Hotel in GornoAltaisk to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk. 


Participants of the school on paleopedology, symposium, one-day tour are accommodated in the tourist resort “Taininskaya Sloboda” in double and triple rooms. Bathrooms can be in a room or in a block for several rooms, but inside the houses. If you have a need to stay in a separate room, we can try to solve this problem for an additional. The number of rooms at the camp is limited. The participants of the field workshop will be accommodated in double and triple rooms (bathrooms in the room or in a block of several rooms).


Some sections of the field workshop route are located in the border control zone, and entry to this zone requires the issuance of passes. Please note that all participants of the field workshop should fill in an additional form to obtain a borderland pass. All fields of this questionnaire are strictly mandatory. The procedure for obtaining access to the border zone is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

As soon as you are registered to XIV ISFWP-2020, please, fill the table, and send it asap together with attached scan of your passport (page with photo and main information) to

Last name, first name.  
Date of birth  
Place of birth  
Place of residence  
Passport series and number  
Place of issue of passport  
Passport validity period  


Altai climate is ultra-continental, most of the route of the field workshop passes through the mountainous area, where the contrast of weather conditions can be very significant, even in August night temperatures close to zero are possible. Despite the expressed moisture deficit, the maximum amount of precipitation falls on the summer months, so there may be heavy and drizzling rains, in the highland part of the rout (the valley of the Boguty River) hail and snow are possible. To participate in the field workshop, you need to be equipped with comfortable field shoes, clothes, both in case of heat (in the daytime troughs the temperature can reach +30°C), and in case of cold, windy and rainy weather. Sunscreen is also needed.

The farthest field facilities are located at the distance of 15-30 minutes walking up the slope from the place where transport may approach. The route does not require special skills and equipment but can be tedious.

Due to the specifics of the national cuisine, poor in fruits and vegetables, the organizers and participants may have difficulties in meeting the demands for vegetarian food. Vegetarians participating in the field tour should be prepared for a monotonous menu.

Altai is an endemic encephalitis area. The organizers recommend to get vaccination against encephalitis.


01.03.2020: deadline for registration, payment and abstract submission. 


From the 1st of January 2020, the XIV ISFWP website will be available.  

For all questions related to the organization of the school, symposium and field workshop, please contact the secretaries of the organizing committee, Julia Konoplyanikova and Julia Karpova at: